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On the edge of...

I propose this journey in series on sketchbooks at the scale of my artistic creation, a journey of drops of sea water and sand taken from the beaches on which i went to immerge myself.

My painting is saline. The suspended line dialogues with the sand and its roughness. The void connect the éléments, gives body to the landscape. My work is a reflection of intense moments, an expression of my feelings on the edge of...inspired by my travels in Brittany. 

I am not producing an image of seascape. The seascape embeds itself in me through all my pores, all the corners of my flesh with its grains of sand which come gently to sting me. 

My eyes are invaded by the blue of the sea and the sky which end up merging after having I absorbed the horizon line. 

I work with the wind, which blows my hair and, at the same time, dry each page by turning it violently in a flurry, and thus decides my pace of work. 

My burning skin, exposed for hours to the sun, is lightly vaporized by the spray that perfumes in with iodine. With their cut lines, the rocks break the transparent flat surface of the sky, presenting themselves as massive jewels rooted in water with their sharp cut, sign of a long work of goldsmith patiently executed by the sea. 

The pebbles never stop rolling on the sand, filling the space xith their roar. Intoxicated by the song of the waves and their obsessive ebb, I complete my series of drawings with this endless energy. 

au bord de,  installation d'une série de 10 dessins réalisées avec de l'eau de  mer et du sable, aquarelle,  crayon 8 B, papier Montval, 50 x 65 cm, 

Création réalisée sur la plage du Perron en août 2022.

Vidéo réalisée sur la plage du Perron, création de la série au bord de