I propose a performance in which the drawing, freed from the paper, is inscribed on faces to highlight the marks of time. In this project, it is a question of drawing the other intimately, of exploring it him of her in depth through this matrix that constitutes the skin. The brush caresses the face, gently and slowly identifying each participant's wrinkle. It accentuates each furrow and reveals  the scratches of the past, of the heart and of the soul. Organized with the participation of a visual artist, a photographer and a participant, this priviliged moment brings a space to reconnect and tell with oneself, a bond to create on " Who am I ».


This artistic project is part of an aesthetic reflection on the natural and human imprint. The skin, this interface which is the support of our existence, of our experience, is hollowed out as our internal cogitations progress. It constitutes a reading grid that keeps tracks of our past and present emotional states. It records events that leave furrows and sculpt our face over our emotions. Tlhis perfomance also lead us to a social and intellectual thinking. It raises the question of the status of ederly, of their appearance. This body on which the writing of time forms an existential landscape and which leads up to question our vision of old age. We  can ask ourselves what message these wrinkled faces can send back to the younger generations ? The photographs of drawn faces produced during this perforamnce testify to a strong human encounter, highlighting the natural beauty of theses faces through their experience and knowledge. The objective is to promote and highlight the personal experience of these participants, to bring to light their identitiy. Watch, watch yourself and be watched. It is in this crossroads of looks, with this questioning around appearance that the identity of the being can be reborn.



Delphine : << I had a very special sensory and sensitive experience, because it touches the intimitate, my perception of myself and my relationship to the passage of time. Soft, light and graceful, the mark represents a moment of great sensuality and beautiful complicity in a context of mutual observation : looks meet, smiles respond, words are exchanged while traces appear as this confidential correspondence progresses. >>

Jean-Christophe : <<At the beginning, the torture of the pen...stay stoïc...do not move...then the torture becomes a caress under the kindness of the artist. Little by little, curiosity prevails over direct sensation, turns into doubt, then delivrance and, finally, the discover of another self...Intoxicating. >>

Mark Peintre : << The lines of Yolande Guérout traced the time. Her artist's hand has marked the model painter who has become a support. Human canvas, old skin that reveals itself in memory, that is surprised to still be there and days Aban/Doned. Wandering through Rouen to Aître which is no more. To be at Saint Maclou, to be at the castle, to be at the cathedral, to be at the colour itself even badly, even bleached black, IMPRESSIONS. >>

Gilles : << Yolande Guérout is ruthless. She gives to see what we especially do not want to see. And we are torn apart. The brush that touches makes you want to laugh, but it's a quickly worried laugh while the prospect that awaits us frightens. Oneself face is his/her vanity .>>