en creux, 2020, aqua fortis process and aquatint, Bib. Tengujo paper 12 gr., 28.5 x 18.5 cm, 25 ex. 

 Shared Edition with Daniel Leizorovici, october 2020,

Galerie Leizorovici, 17 rue Labois-Rouillon, 75019 Paris

 Départment of print and photography, National Library of France


In hollow, I use engraving techniques like aquatint, etching (aqua fortis) and sugar on Bib Tengujo Paper of 12 grams. Three prints are superimposed on the same medium in order to find space in this thinness of the paper, so as to create a sensation of depth where this depth is limited. I’m not trying to represent an illusionist space but I try to highlight, through the imprint, the plastic characteristics of this paper to reveal a watermark space, go beyond the surface, in this in-between of material. I work in hollow in the « infrathin » (« inframince ») of the medium. Engraving allows me to make the paper vibrate, to reveal its quintessence. My artistic approach consists in focusing on the very small, the « almost

nothing », unearthing the nuances and capturing gaps to highlight them. I try to dispel this indifference which prevents us from seeing and feeling fully, by using the apperception to focus on each of my perceptions but also my actions. They may or may not be significant, the important thing is to be entirely aware of my feelings and sensations.

The involvement of the body is fundamental in the act of creation and then the opening of the senses becomes the real material of aesthetic experience.Wanting to make an art of this practice is also an expression of the wish to transmit this perception to others, making it tangible and visible.

Apperception : voluntary action to extract and capture one of these small unconscious perceptions to raise them to our consciousness, according to the philosopher and mathematician Leibniz.

Inframince : Asthetic concept designating an imperceptible difference or interval,sometimes only imaginable, between two phenomena.


Intaglio Engraving printed in the Workshop of René Tazé by Domitille Araï

Graveur d’art, taille-doucier, Maître d’Art 2006,

70, rue René-Boulanger, Villa du Lavoir, 75010 Paris