down the drain

Yolande Guérout, down the drain, 2023, séries of drawings-prints, charcoal, ink, dry point on ream of Chinese paper, 34 x 68 cm.

Collaborative musico plastic work with the composer Jean-Christophe Ploquin, acousmatic music loop (8'48)

Follow the current and the flow of water. The river induces a course and invites us to let ourselves be carries away. Water makes us loose our bearings and invites us to drift. On the scale of my creation, I propose an in-depth journey, a journey of drops of water in a ream of Chinese paper. What happens on the surface of the paper will also have an action in depth and leave in imprint on the following sheets, creating a palimpsest effect, constructing a memory of the course of the water. The images will built little by little in a king of geology of drawing. 

The work gives to see but also to hear. To draw, to engrave, to wet the paper with water and ink, to stroke the surface to distribute the charcoal dust, is to produce sounds. The work process can narrate the work musically, restore the different stages of creation.