à Peine, 2018-2020, series of engravings made on copper plate with the technic of aqua fortis process, paper Bib. Tengujo 12 gr.

I choose the thinnest sheets of paper, Bib. Tengujo 12 gr and Kashmir 9 gr., in order to highlight their delicacy and fragility when printing. I use the aqua fortis process to etch profoundly and precisely the line. I favour simple, bare, rigorous language, repeating lines without searching for thickness or tones. I cut, I leave a mark while pushing the tool. Despite its stiffness, I feel it ad an extension of my hand. The repetition of the gesture also allows me to endure this resistance and permanence of copper, by a tension that allows me to enter my print in tension. Each line generates another.Yhe body physically takes the measure of every trace and rythms the time by gaps. I let myself be carried away by this wandering of the line. The unexpected is the rule. Sometimes, I go backwards with this movement, working on another location on the plate. In this case, contrary movements meet and create a tension. A dynamic space is created spontaneously until the whole surface is saturated in order to discover at the end a moving set that develops flows and unexpected graphic paths. With the saturation of the line, the whole becomes in inframince texture with vibrant graphic variations. 

When printing with high pressure, a contact is made between the bed and the support. The adhesion betweeen the paper and the bed forces me to remove the support very slowly, like a shed skin. I discover a printed paper that no longer has the same plasticity and has gained in flexibility. Front and back print at the same time (foulage). What's right turns upside down. There are no sides anymore. A game of transparency reveals the thinness and fragility of the paper. Paper is shaped and its nature is changing. The engraving becomes like a thin quivering membrane, more sensitive and vibratile. 

The engraving acts as a surface that vibrates with every air movement. Sensitive as sensor, this delicate membrane highlights air pressures and records what escapes our touch, welcoming the movement of the world.

à peine, 2018, installation on ceramic cones, paper Mino Tengujo 9 gr.